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Best supplements for diabetes - the 'amazing' capsules to protect against high blood sugar

SUPPLEMENTS could help to protect against diabetes type 2 symptoms and signs in patients with high blood sugar. You could lower your risk of diabetes complications by regularly adding these cheap capsules to your daily diet. Diabetes is a common condition that affects more than four million people in the UK, and 90 percent of all cases are caused by type 2 diabetes. But you could lower your risk of developing high blood sugar symptoms by regularly taking turmeric supplements, it's been claimed. Diabetes could be caused by the body not producing enough of the hormone insulin, or the body not reacting to insulin. Without enough insulin, the body struggles to convert sugar in the blood into usable energy. But adding turmeric to your diet is an easy way to protect against diabetes symptoms. Its ability to help regulate blood sugar ultimately comes from its active ingredient, curcumin. READ MORE: Best supplements for weight loss - the seed oil to aid weight loss Curcumin improves insulin resistance in some diabetes patients, according to nutritionist Dr Sarah Brewer. The spice could also protect against some of the severe complications of high blood sugar. Its anti-inflammatory properties mean that patients aren't as likely to develop neuropathy, or damage to their blood vessels. People with prediabetes could also benefit from taking turmeric supplements, added the nutritionist. DON'T MISS Best supplements for tiredness - the cheap capsules to beat fatigue [RESEARCH] Best supplements for cholesterol: Two supplements to lower levels [LATEST] Best supplements for high blood pressure: Fish supplement to help [DIET] "Herbal medicine for diabetes type 2 can have a powerful effect," she said. "Curcumin supplements have also been shown to improve insulin resistance by activating insulin receptors. "In people with poor glucose tolerance [prediabetes], turmeric can delay the onset of type 2 diabetes. "These are amazing results and it’s no wonder that turmeric is an increasingly popular natural treatment for type 2 diabetes." But, before taking any new herbal medications, you should check with your doctor if you already take prescribed medication. Meanwhile, you could also lower your risk of diabetes symptoms by taking cinnamon supplements. Cinnamon helps the body to respond to insulin, which lowers the risk of high blood sugar. Taking just 100mg of cinnamon could lower your fasting blood sugar levels by as much as 8.4 percent in people with prediabetes, scientists have revealed. Many people may be living with diabetes without even knowing it, because the symptoms don’t necessarily make you feel unwell. The most common diabetes symptoms include extreme fatigue, having an unquenchable thirst, and having cuts or wounds that take longer to heal than normal. But you could lower your risk of the condition by eating a healthy, balanced diet, and by doing regular exercise.

Reference : Express.co.uk