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Best supplements for stress: Taking this plant-based remedy could help you relax

Stress is a problem we all experience at certain times in our lives. It is brought on by situations that are unpredictable, uncontrollable and uncertain. This in turns brings either the alarm reaction (fight or flight) or adaption - learning to cope with the situation. Stress can impact the body in a major way as the stress hormone, known as cortisol, increases glucose in the bloodstream and affects the respiratory and cardiovascular system. Effects of stress on the body include minor symptoms such as headaches, low energy and upset stomaches but major physical symptoms of stress could lead to a weakened immune system, high blood sugar, fertility problems and even heart attacks. In a 2017 study on the harmful effects of stress on the body, the results were so astounding that it stated the medical community needed to have a greater appreciation for the significant role that stress has on the body. Combating stress is crucial and there are many natural remedies to help reduce the effects of stress. Flower remedies were developed in the 1920s by British doctor Edward Bach. Bach believed that flowers had the ability to change our mood and created a combination of flower remedies for emotional support. Rescue Remedy contains five flowers which are believed to help the type of feelings which occur under difficult or stressful situations. Holland and Barrett explains what it is: "It's said to help stabilise your emotions, or at least let you cope with what's happening more effectively." Holland and Barrett explains the different flower remedies and their benefits which include: Cherry Plum - for fear of losing control or losing your mind. A 2007 trial by the University of Miami found nurses who developed highly anxious thoughts after being told they had performed badly at work felt much calmer after talking rescue remedy. The high street health store adds: "Like all flower remedies, the research into its effectiveness is unclear. "Dr Bach believed that the 'life force' of plants directly influenced the way we think, but the majority of studies suggest that flower remedies are no more effective than a placebo. "In other words, it may be your mind making a difference rather than the remedy itself. "However, this doesn't mean they don't make you feel better." There are no reported side-effects for rescue remedy and the over the counter supplements are considered safe for pregnant or breast-feeding woman, children and pets. For other natural supplements to combat stress kava root, lemon balm, theanine, valerian, lavender and chamomile are highly recommended. It is also advised you cut down on alcohol, caffeine and other stimulants when experiencing stress symptoms. Exercise and yoga also have many proven benefits to the mind, body and soul.

Reference : Express.co.uk