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Best supplements for the heart: Two of the best herbs proven to keep the heart beating

SUPPLEMENTS could help improve the brains focus, sharpen thinking, boostproductivity and fight fatigue. What are two of the best herb supplements to help boost heart health? There has been recent studies proving the heart-boosting power of some herbalsupplements. They have been designed to help support a healthy heart and keepit beating. What are two of the best? Medicinal plants have been used as atraditional treatment agent for numerous human diseases since ages in manyparts of the world. Plants have been the major source of medicine forthousands of years. The use of certain herbs has been proven to help keep theheart healthy and stave off diseases. What are three of the best herbsupplements for the heart? Turmeric Turmeric is herb that has been usedfor thousands of years in India. Recently, science has started to back up whatIndians have known for a long time, the herb contains compounds with medicinalproperties. Turmeric has been attributed a number of medicinal properties inthe traditional system of medicine. Doctor Ronald Cotterel at the SutterMedical Group said: "Turmeric can't necessarily prevent heart disease."However, the spice could theoretically help prevent heart attacks. However,the spice could theoretically help prevent heart attacks. Clinical researchsuggests that taking turmeric daily prior to surgery and continuing for 5 dayspost-surgery can decrease the relative risk of myocardial infarction followingcoronary artery bypass compared to placebo." Curcumin Curcumin may helpsreverse many steps in the heart disease process. The main benefit of cur cuminwhen it comes to heart disease is improving the function of the endothelium,which is the lining of the blood vessels. Several studies have suggested thatcurcumin leads to improvements in endothelial function. One study found thatit's as effective as exercise while another shows that it works as well as thedrug Atorvastatin. Curcumin reduces inflammation and oxidation and plays amajor role in heart disease.

Reference : Express.co.uk