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Best supplements for tiredness - the 3p a day capsules to prevent fatigue and boost energy

SUPPLEMENTS could be used to prevent tiredness and fatigue symptoms. Add these cheap capsules to your diet to avoid feeling sleepy or drowsy during the day, while also boosting your overall energy. Do you eat enough magnesium-rich foods? Feeling tired all of the time could be caused by not getting enough sleep, or by spending too much time at work. But, you could lower your risk of fatigue by regularly taking magnesium supplements, it's been claimed. Tiredness that goes on for long periods of time isn’t normal, and may be caused by an underlying medical condition. But, making just a few small changes to your daily routine could help you to feel more awake and ready for the day. Taking some supplements may help you to feel more energetic, and less lethargic. You could lower your risk of feeling excessively tired by regularly taking magnesium supplements, it’s been claimed. READ MORE: Best supplements for radiation exposure A magnesium deficiency could lead to feeling tired all of the time, warned A.Vogel nutritionist Emma Thornton. The nutrient is needed for a good night's sleep, as well as for relaxing the muscles. A lack of magnesium could lead to cramps and twitches, which could keep you awake at night. "From energy production to muscle function, magnesium is involved in a wide range of bodily processes," said Thornton. DON'T MISS Coronavirus supplements: Will taking vitamin supplements help? [RESEARCH] Best supplements for weight loss: Supplement to help [LATEST] Best supplements for cholesterol: Two supplements which could help [DIET] "This means a deficiency can easily lead to tiredness and fatigue as these processes simply aren't being carried out efficiently. "Magnesium is required for the production and stability of something called the ATP molecule, which provides energy for basic bodily processes. These processes range from making enzymes to processing and transporting nutrients. "Another key role of magnesium is to convert the glucose in food into energy. Therefore, getting enough magnesium can help keep energy levels stable and prevent the onset of tiredness." If you're not a fan of taking supplements, you could increase the amount of magnesium in your diet by eating more shellfish, nuts and seeds, she added. Meanwhile, you could also be at risk of an iron deficiency if you often feel sleepy and fatigued. Without enough iron, your red blood cells struggle to deliver oxygen around the body, he said. But taking iron supplements could help to correct a deficiency, and leave you feeling energetic. Your tiredness could be caused by stress or anxiety, according to the NHS. Anaemia, an underactive thyroid and sleep apnoea could also lead to feeling tired all of the time. If you’ve been feeling tired for more than four weeks, it’s a good idea to speak to a doctor, said the NHS. Making sure you get enough sleep could help to prevent you from feeling sleepy the next day.

Reference : Express.co.uk