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Best supplements for tiredness: The supplement proven to make you feel more awake

BEST supplements for tiredness: Tiredness is usually caused by too many late nights and long hours spent at work. What you eat can impact how tired you feel, and experts have found a certain supplement could make you feel more awake.

Tiredness is usually helped by a good night's sleep and taking time to relax. If tiredness persists and affects your ability to get on and enjoy your life you should see your GP. But if tiredness isn't a persistent problem and happens occasionally, and isn't caused by the amount of sleep you're getting, it could be caused by what you're eating. Drinking too much alcohol interferes with the quality of your sleep, according to the NHS, and caffeine can act as a stimulant which can also make you feel tired. Reducing your caffeine and alcohol intake alongside eating a healthy diet is advised. But some experts also suggest the addition of supplements in your diet to ease your feeling tired. According to the EU's Committee on Herbal Medicinal Products, lecithin can reduce feelings of tiredness and weakness. A 2018 study in Nutritional Journal also reported a high daily dose (1200mg) of lecithin increased energy and reduced tiredness in women going through menopause. Holland & Barrett explains: "Lecithin is a fatty substance found in the cells of our body, plant and animal tissues. "It's makeup of fatty acids, and in particular one type of fat molecule called phospholipids - an essential element of cell membranes. "Lecithin - which is named after the Greek word for egg yolk, lekithos - was first isolated from egg yolk in the 1850s. "Nowadays, it's used commercially as an emulsifier in packaged foods and occurs naturally in certain foods, including wholegrain, nuts, soybeans and egg yolks." Lecithin is available as a powder and capsules. There's no reference nutrient intake so the high street health store recommends reading the label of any supplements carefully. It adds: "For breast-feeding, the Canadian Breast-feeding Foundation recommends 1200mg of lecithin four times a day. "The following groups should not take soy lecithin: children under 12 years old and people who are allergic to soya, soya beans, peanuts or legumes (beans, lentils, peas), eggs and birch pollen - there is a risk of an allergic reaction." Another supplement which has proven effective at beating tiredness is guarana. A 2008 study carried out by Northumbria University found people who drank a cocktail of guarana, vitamins and minerals felt less tired after performing a series of mentally challenging tasks than those who drank a placebo. Guarana is a rainforest vine grown in the Amazon region in Brazil.

Reference : Express.co.uk