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Sibelius launches lycopene extract to support male reproductive and prostate health

UK-based nutraceutical company Sibelius Natural Products has launched a proprietary lycopene extract coined Sibelius: LactoMato. The extract is a tomato oleoresin-based formulation backed by multiple clinical studies demonstrating its ability to help support male reproductive health, prostate health and cardiovascular health. The launch comes at a time when regarding reproductive health, most of the focus is on women, says Loukiana Chatzinasiou, Product Manager at Sibelius. “Currently, there are a limited number of available products that support male reproductive health. In most cases, the current recommendation is to make changes in male behavior and lifestyle rather than directly addressing the underlying reproductive health,” Chatzinasiou tells NutritionInsight.Click to EnlargeLoukiana Chatzinasiou, Product Manager at Sibelius, spoke with NutritionInsight.Sibelius: LactoMato is a clinically evidenced, enhanced bioavailability lycopene complex specifically developed to promote healthy sperm function and support prostate and cardiovascular health. Lycopene is found mostly in red fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, watermelon, papaya, red grapefruit and guava. The carotenoid compound has been shown to have multiple biological effects, including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and cardioprotective activities.While lycopene is considered one of the most potent antioxidants of bioactive carotenoids, it is poorly absorbed by humans. Sibelius’ patented formulation of lactolycopene improves solubility and bioavailability to provide a more efficient ingredient.Researchers at the University of Sheffield, UK conducted a three-month, double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical trial to discover how lycopene would affect male reproductive health. They found that Sibelius: LactoMato displayed significant results on semen quality at a 14mg dose when compared to the placebo group. The study participants supplementing with Sibelius: LactoMato also demonstrated increased proportions of healthy sperm and boosted sperm speed by up to 40 percent.R&D challengesAs many sources of lycopene are synthetic, the researchers at Sibelius were compelled to take this negative effect of the lycopene quality into consideration. “Finding a natural source of lycopene is more challenging because of the cost to isolate and manufacture it for a more stabilized ingredient,” Chatzinasiou explains.A more significant challenge was addressing the issue of low bioavailability of lycopene. Chatzinasiou further explains that to address this issue, a proprietary, patented formulation was developed, which embeds the lycopene in whey protein. “This protein then minimizes lycopene particle sizes and therefore improves its bioavailability and absorption, as measured by plasma lycopene concentration in volunteers after two weeks of supplementation.” To reduce the risk of the ingredient oxidizing, Sibelius: LactoMato is packaged and stored under nitrogen to overcome the oxidation process.Benefits from supplementationSibelius: LactoMato addresses cardiovascular health in adults above the age of 40, middle-aged men and seniors’ prostates and male reproduction for young men.“Sibelius’ recent study on reproductive health revealed significant benefits from supplementation with LactoLycopene. Those results, in addition to previous studies for prostate and cardiovascular health, have helped set up plans for additional trials, which will expand the scope of understanding of how Sibelius: LactoMato can further benefit each category. Sibelius is also in the process of research and development of novel delivery mechanisms, such as powdered drink mixes, in combination with other supportive ingredients.”

Reference : Nutrition Insight